Infantile Spasms - The Glossary of Terms

  • Hypsarrhythmia
    This is the definition of the brain wave pattern observed in a baby suffering from Infantile Spasms.
  • Modified Hypsarrhythmia
    “Modifed” hypsarrhythmia is defined as focal or asymmetric discharges, episodes of voltage attenuation, and some interhemispheric synchronization. Modifed hypsarrhythmia, often seen in older infants, may also have some normal background activity and relatively few electrodecrements. This too is common with Infantile Spasms, and is the type of EEG Mattie originally presented with.
  • High-Dose Steroid Clears Most Infantile Spasms
    Really good recent publication on infantile spasms and the use of steroids. Highlights the importance of early detection. Only difference in the suggested treatment here v’s Matthew’s treatment are:
    1. Matthew underwent 30 min sleeping EEG, not 24 hour
    2. Matthew is taking 40mg of prednisolone (2*20mg doses/per day).

    This study recommends 8mg/kg/day to a max of 60mg. Matties dose works out as 4mg/kg/day.

  • Baby Bradley and his Fight with Infantile Spasms
    Emma and I found this a really great resource. It’s the story of another little boy, Baby Bradley and how he and his family are dealing with IS. He’s way ahead of Mattie in terms of treatment, and progress. It has been comforting and reassuring to read about another babies progress. Emma calls this her “good news story”.

Mattie’s Story

We’ve starting blogging Mattie’s story and how we as a family have been dealing with Infantile Spasms. You can read about our experiences here:

Mattie’s hospital Stay

Awaiting for the 2 Week EEG results

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