Our last post closed with the wish that Mattie would walk into his next physio appointment under his own steam – well guess what? Our rock star baby did just that!

At our last visit (May) he was doing well but he still wasn’t sitting up from lying down or pulling himself up to standing. His physio gave us some very simple exercises to work on with him that would further strengthen his pelvic muscles and really help get him standing and walking independently.

In the three months between appointments it was almost as if Mattie knew he had something to prove. Once he started to realise he could pull himself up the transition to cruising furniture and tentatively letting go happened so quickly.

[![Mattie & Daddy](/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Mattie-walking.jpg)](/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Mattie-walking.jpg)
Mattie & Daddy

On Thursday August 14th we returned to the physiotherapist. Our physio appointment lasted approximately 5 minutes. Mattie’s physio was delighted beyond words with his progress . He is progressing exactly as expected – his gate was a little wobbly still when she saw him but everything, even down to how he places his feet is excellent. There was lots of clapping, cheering and delight for Mattie at his appointment. At the end I am delighted to report that we were firmly sent on our way (with instructions to come back should we ever have any concerns) and officially discharged from physio!!!!!!!!

Even in the few weeks it has taken me to write this blog post Matthew’s confidence in walking has just escalated. Now, in the morning, he wants to put his back pack on – just like his big brother – and toddle out to the car for crèche. We just couldn’t be prouder of him! And the best thing… he does it all with the biggest, cheekiest smile on his face.

Our final remaining hurdle is our EEG and Neurology appointment on September 23rd. At this appointment we will review with neuro to determine whether or not we can start to wean Vigabatrin. This will be a nerve wracking one but if Mattie can approach it with a smile on his face you can be sure that we will too.

Mattie laughing