Ok. So if you follow me on Twitter, or we are friends on Facebook, your probably wondering what all my posts about email etiquette are all about. - Well let me explain.. it all started with an idea, which popped into existence, as all good ideas do, while suffering from a hangover.

In my spare time away from my day job I’ve been working on trying to improve the one tool I probably use the most every day - email. I think that there are subtle ways in which the email user interface could be improved. To explore this idea I’ve decided to create a series of Microsoft Outlook plugins. Ultimately I’d like to sell these (if they are any good). I also thought I’d share a collection of email tips and tricks which can help every deal with their inbox.

Right now the first email plugin, a couple of tips, and some history on how the idea for this came into being are available on a web site I created, http://better-emails.com

I would really appreciate some feed back on the first email plugin “email preview”, and I’m giving it away free to anyone willing to join the mailing list.

I would be delighted if you’d like to take part and give me some feedback on the idea. I’ll be sharing some future concepts and ideas on the mailing list and at the better-emails/blog site.

Speaking of the blog; I believe I told the story of the first idea on the better-emails/blog site. I may have omitted the hangover, or how I spent too long pondering the depths of my morning coffee, waiting for inspiration. But I’m sure you guys can fill in the gaps 🙂

Image credit: From Flickr