I’m all for efficiency and reuse and recycling, but seriously some of this is just plain daft, the rewiring of the gates at Dublin Airport and the dodgy looking stuff here in the hotel in Madrid are nuts.

Maybe its the lack of sleep, after all it has been a rather long day. Up at 4am, and a mad dash from the shower to the airport, through security. Now I’m tired at this stage, just as anyone would be at 5am. So I stumble through the terminal in search of a few much needed resources before jumping on the flight, mostly water…. as at 5am it is still in humanly early for even a cup of coffee.

Water in hand, it is off to find the gate. Gate 312 the screen tells me. Now if I hadn’t of been so tired this should have set off some alarm bells.

When the new Terminal in Dublin Airport opened all of the AerLingus flights relocated from the old T1 terminal to T2. So as I had an AerLingus flight I booked the short stay car park at T2, screamed through security, grabbed the water and has looking forward to crashing in a seat beside the gate. - For those that don’t know, I’ve been known to fall asleep at the gate waking as the flight has been called.

But 312… now where is that… no idea, I follow the signs, one tired step after the other. It takes me down into some long dark corridors, down steps and around bends. A bit of mood lighting at I’d swear I was an extra in an Indiana Jones movie - you know the guy at the start of the Lost Ark who gets it through the eye ball… at 5am it sure felt like it, So it is a hike across what feels like miles of tunnels and long corridors, until in the distance I see some shops, then some more, and what looks like another security screening area. Yes folks, you guessed it, I’d emerged into Terminal 1. - It is the new Terminal 2. I can just hear the architects now:

“Now how’s this for recycling! Slap a new name on the outside, a lick of paint, make them walk through it on the way to the original building. You’d never know! We get to build the new terminal, increase it’s capacity and… the bonus? - It comes complete with the space to implement a queuing system which would give Disneyworld a run for its money.”

That was the first bit of creative recycling I found today. But what topped it, was what I discovered in the hotel room when I went to plug the laptop in. Wires kept together by bits of black tape. Brilliant, if that what it looks like on the outside of the wall, I don’t want to know what state the wiring is the other side of the wooden panel.

At least dinner didn’t look recycled…. at least I hope it wasn’t…

On the plus side I had a really interesting discussion with some German guys on how to implement a device discovery process on a local network, without using UDP packets and multicast messaging…. (how many of you read this far?… I think I hear snoring already)…

Night all… enough random, pointless rants.. sleep calls.

![Img_0749](http://getfile2.posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2012-06-04/FGcoqiqthksBIzGjhAiCGAlqFJamFIvtIiprtxxgsfldvnIgFcxIpvxqpoFi/IMG_0749.JPG.scaled750.jpg) ![Img_0750](http://getfile5.posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2012-06-04/dwzaazIfmhcipGkiCoItmAgeDppuEJEGyEDouIFqDlqqowwJDstrCedqDjcg/IMG_0750.JPG.scaled750.jpg)