The rules are simple. The stakes high, and the competition tough. Prove your street cred with your friends and family - will your chosen tune out last the dreaded 'bump' ?!

We've invented a new game. It was so much fun playing it that I felt the need to share it with the wider Internet. - To play you'll need an Apple TV, an iPhone or Tablet, the YouTube application and some friends.

How does it work? - Simple. Pick a decade, then search YouTube for the best tune on your iPhone / tablet. Once found use the Apple TV to project it for everyone to see. If it's good - it will stay playing, if it's bad then someone else will find another tune on their Apple device and will stream it to the AppleTV - bumping your selection off the tellie.

When we played the game bad tunes were with met with a chorus of "BUMP IT!", and good tunes were met with rounds of bad singing as we all joined in with the tune.

Its great fun, simple, and rather addictive. I hope you enjoy!

Author: mcwoods

By day I'm a Researcher & Future Internet creator. By night I'm a Mobile, Web and Cloud Developer & owner of My views are my own, and not that of my employer.

One thought on “AppleBumping”

  1. 80’s music rocks!!!! They just don’t make me like that any more….from Adam Ant to Thompson Twins to the tracks from top gun, dirty dancing… The list goes on…. And on…. I had a blast playing:) thanks Chris for leading the way and inventing this awesome game!!!

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