I’ve got my son, Ben in my arms while in trying and failing to run a bath for him. Ben has other ideas and he’s trying to break into my aftershave bottle. The door bell rings and brings someone unexpected, who through a random act of kindness will help us have a good Christmas.

My first thought when the door bell rung was one of frustration - I was so close to getting the little man in the bath. But luckily I hadn’t quite managed to get Ben undressed yet.

Like most of the population Emma and I had done a lot of our shopping on line. We had received reminder notes that some of our parcels where ready for collection but being flat out in the run up to Christmas we’d not managed to arrange to collect them.

It is nearly 7pm at night and when I open the door I’m greeted by a guy dressed in a postman’s uniform. There is no post van behind him, just a little silver car with the engine still running.

Hi, I’m the guy who normally delivers your post. I noticed that there’s were a few parcels waiting for collection, some had been sitting there so long that we had been told by our manager that we have to start sending them back. They look like Amazon boxes and I guessed that they were Christmas presents. I didn’t want you guys to miss them - it would make for a terrible Christmas. I’m off work now, on my way home and I volunteered to drop off your parcels. I’ve got a bunch in the back of the car.

Wow - now these guys are crazy busy this time of the year, I’m sure that this posty was knackered but he’d taken some of his personal time out to drop off our amazon orders.

It was a small random act of kindness which I’m really very grateful for.

Tonight Emma dropped off a big box of Roses chocolates to the post office sorting station as a way of a thank you.

An post - you have some fantastic employees! And a very merry Christmas to you all.