The rules are simple. The stakes high, and the competition tough. Prove your street cred with your friends and family - will your chosen tune out last the dreaded 'bump' ?!

We've invented a new game. It was so much fun playing it that I felt the need to share it with the wider Internet. - To play you'll need an Apple TV, an iPhone or Tablet, the YouTube application and some friends.

How does it work? - Simple. Pick a decade, then search YouTube for the best tune on your iPhone / tablet. Once found use the Apple TV to project it for everyone to see. If it's good - it will stay playing, if it's bad then someone else will find another tune on their Apple device and will stream it to the AppleTV - bumping your selection off the tellie.

When we played the game bad tunes were with met with a chorus of "BUMP IT!", and good tunes were met with rounds of bad singing as we all joined in with the tune.

Its great fun, simple, and rather addictive. I hope you enjoy!

Has Home Computing Gone Full Circle?

In the early 1990's I used to stay up late to code (well attempt to) on my Spectrum +2, which was plugged into the TV.

Tonight I'm sitting with a bluetooth keyboard, and AirPlay mirroring turned on on my iPhone 5 - allowing the contents of my iPhone's screen to appear on the TV. I'm once again typing away "on" the TV.

This feels a lot like history repeating its self.

It must be time for bed.. ...