18 Months

It has been a mad 18 months. Well actually I thought it had been relatively sedate, that was until I checked my phone's history.

My mobile phone contract is due for renewal this month, so it was an opportune moment to study my phone with a look to backing up the data prior to getting a new device.

It is funny how the mind works. I can easily recall recent events, but anything beyond three months has been a bit of blur. I thought my travelling had slowed over the last 18 months. I hadn't actually done that much recently, of course checking my phone revealed a different story.

The new Photo application on the phone captures geographic data inside every photo you take and my phone has revealed a rather interesting series of trips across three continents:

Looking forward to a sit down...
Looking forward to a sit down...

Nuts. It's crazy, my phone as a better memory than me! Looking at the photos brought some great events back to life:

  • I became a father
  • I changed job
  • My son's first birthday
  • My wife's birthday
  • My birthday
  • Trips with my family to see relatives in New York and England
  • Giving my sister away!
  • We are now expecting another baby
  • Trip to Tokyo to see one of my best friends

After all that action I think I need a sit down...

Following @documentally ‘s example with beggars, but with a different outcome

Just before Christmas I listened to a fantastic post from @documentally about his trip to Sweeden, where upon a cold winters night he did a good deed for a local beggar and was rewarded with gratitude. I tried the same tonight on a cold trip home in London but was met with a remarkably different response.

I listened with earnest to @documentally's trip to Sweeden on Audioboo, he recalled how upon entering the local kebab shop he had passed a beggar. As @documentally ordered a double portion of his late night chips and donated them to the beggar who had been sitting out side the shop, who gratefully received them.

On the cold walk back to the Hotel I'm staying at in London tonight I popped into a local Tesco Express (late night convenience store). A women exited the store and I heard the homless guy say "... please I'm hungry... ". The woman didn't stop - she just kept walking.

I had only popped in to pick up a toothbrush I had forgotten to pack, but when purchasing the toothbrush I also purchased a prepacked sandwich, and when a left the store the I heard the same refrain from the homeless guy "... please I'm hungry...". So I stopped. I opened my shopping bag and handed the homeless guy the sandwich,.

"I heard you say you were hungry, I've no change but I hope this helps"

"well err..... erm... but... err... it doesn't help with... er.. my medication...."

..I guess beggars in London are a bit too posh for free food... I have the sneaking suspicion that this beggar was earning more money than me by begging on the street!