I found this in my back garden this morning


After 5 years of living with builders rubble in the back garden we decided to do something about it.

It's almost complete, few bits to finish off today, but this is a huge change from what we had before. Looking out the back and seeing this put a huge smile on my very tired face this morning.

Before you ask, no I didn't do the hard work... We hired someone, and a good thing too, this week alone they removed over 20 tonnes of builders rubble!

Now all we need is some good weather this weekend! Fingers crossed!

From wet to dry! Roll on the weekend! Happy Friday


No this photo was not taken somewhere warm and tropical.

After such a miserable end to the day yesterday it was a great surprise to see the blue sky this morning! It's a rather pleasant experience to be outside enjoying the air while waiting for the train.

All we need now is a little cafe down by the beach serving great morning coffee and I will be all set!

Been commissioned to doodle one of these on my niece’s wall


I sketched the bottom giraffe first and my sister in law asked for something more cartoon, so I did the top one. We asked my niece which one she liked.... The bottom one, except it has to be pink. Awesome.