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Mr Kipling v Aldi’s Best

So tonight I got the chance to try some mince pies from Aldi. They had some exceedingly stiff competition from Mr Kipling.

As you can see the decorations on the top of the Aldi mince pies were definitely more appealing than that on the Mr Kipling’s. These Aldi specimens held so much promise. Also tipping in Aldi’s favour was that all of the mince pies in their pack were undamaged! A feat that Mr Kipling couldn’t achieve. The Aldi pies shipping with additional packaging which protected the pies.

Filling In The Details
The filling in the Aldi mince pies was delightful, it had a light orange tang to it which I personally really liked. However the filling was very shallow – if only there was more meat! Mr Kipling’s on the other hand have a a deep feeling. While not quite as tasty as Aldi’s they don’t skimp.

Verdict – draw. If Mr Kipling had good packaging – they’d have got this one in the bag!

Mince Pie Month Begins

I love mince pies. So much so that I limit myself to only eating them in December. Today is December 1st so it was with great excitement that I broke my mince pie fast and opened a packed of Mr Kipling’s best and was instantly disappointed.

Two of the pies had been smashed on their packet 🙁

Poor job Mr Kipling! poor job.

On the bright side I noted a marked increase in mincemeat volume compared to Mr Kipling’s effort last year.

Only one thing for it – I need to make my own!