This is the personal blog of Chris Woods, currently a researcher at Intel and owner of Mind-Flip, a small company which has produced a number of mobile phone applications. Chris tries, and usually fails, to keep his technical blogging and thoughts located on the mind-flip.com site. On this blog Chris shares more personal material.

In September 2013, Chris’ son Matthew was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. Emma, Chris’ wife did extensive research online and discovered that this condition is rare. Though speaking to the doctors treating Matthew they discovered that even within the medical profession there isn’t a lot of knowledge around this condition.

From this point Chris and Emma decided to share theirs, and Matthew’s story. They both hope that this blog and these accounts will help other parents who find themselves in the same position. – You’re not alone.

You can find Chris on Twitter as @mcwoods, and Emma on Twitter as @emmawoods

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